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I read the other day of a program for Macs called Bookpedia, and from the looks of the screenshots, it looks awesome! Essentially iTunes for your books! I was bummed that there was not a version available for PCs (how often does that happen?!?). Does anyone know of something comparable? I currently have all my books in a Turabian bibliography, but I would like to organize with something that allows for categorizing, statistics, etc.

Any suggestions?

Αυτω η δοξα,



6 thoughts on “Book Software

  1. Jason: What’s a Turabian bibliography? And how is that program that you link to significantly different than Library Thing? I personally just log all of my books into an MS Word file.

  2. Daniel: Yes, I suppose that is an option! But I fear I have too much invested in PC stuff to switch systems! Nice try, though! 😉

    Nick: It’s just a bibliography formatted according to Turabian’s style guide. We were required to follow Turabian format in seminary, so I just default to that. I use Library Thing, but I found out today that once you hit 200 titles, you have to pay to add more. It’s not expensive, but if I am going to pay I want something on the desktop that I can customize.

  3. Daniel: I guess that’s a possibility. I am going to be purchasing a new laptop in the next few months, so I will check into that. I am eager to try Windows 7, though, so I’ll have to look into that, too.

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