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On Pronunciation

Sometime ago, I posted regarding the pronunciation of “Pauline.” Nick and Joel both commented that it was “Paw-leen,” as is the case, I think, with most who read or write in biblical studies. However, I just wanted Nick to know that I recently heard someone else pronounce it the way I always have: “Paw-line” (with a long “i”). Vindication (at least a little bit)! 😛

Now, if I can just get him to pronounce those omicrons correctly! 😉

How about the word “Septuagint?” I’ve heard it pronounced “Sep-tuh-jint” and “Sep-too-uh-jint.” Personally, I opt for the latter. Also, see Nick’s posts concerning other questions of pronunciation.

Αυτω η δοξα,



12 thoughts on “On Pronunciation”

  1. Jason: Of course it’s the latter! Only morons say the former! And I’ve heard people wrongly pronounce ‘Pauline’ as well. No vindication in error! 😛 BTW, at least I say ‘Petrine’ with the long ‘i’.

  2. It’s the latter pronunciation. The first one ignores a letter. There’s no such thing as a silent ‘a.’ I agree about the ‘Petrine’ pronunciation. Oh, and sorry Jason, you’re wrong with how you say ‘Pauline.’ And whoever you heard saying it the way you like, well, they’re wrong too. Misery loves company I guess.

  3. I have always pronounced Septuagint as “Sept-too-uh-jint”. The only person I have heard pronounce it the other way is James White of AOMin.

    P.S. Pauline is obv pronounced paw-leen :p

  4. Kevin: I’ve only heard one other person (besides White) to pronounce it that way. It was indeed strange to my ears! As far as “Pauline” goes, I am going to stick to my way, even if it draws crooked glances and sneers from others! 😉

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