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New Theme

Though not as frequently as with my header, I do toy with themes here. I realized my last theme did not display my pages (about, books received, etc), so I decided to change to have those on display (because you’re so desperate to read them!). Plus, it was one of the few themes that allowed me to use a decent-sized header–always a plus! And, no, I did not change to this theme just because Nick, Mike, and John all use it! 🙂

Αυτω η δοξα,



12 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. Jason, looks good. I like to change mine as well, at least the overall look and feel of my blog. I get bored easy. I was tempted to change it again, I know I need to leave it alone, at least for a year, or so.

    I really like your new icon.

  2. I’d like to think I’m pretty tech savvy but I haven’t been able to get graphics to work on my site. What widget do you use?

  3. Michael: I used a text widget for my books and cds on the sidebar. I typed in the HTML code and adjusted the size settings as needed. For the header, you have to use a theme that has that as an option. What kind of graphics were you wanting to do?

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