Drop by TBN and it won’t take long to hear something disagreeable. I did just that this morning. I stopped by, just to hear what was going on, and Creflo Dollar was “preaching” from Hebrews 11. In reference to v.3, I almost thought he would actually present a good understanding of the text. But, I should not have hoped so much. Here’s the verse:

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” (KJV; I think that’s the translation he uses)

His explanation, one which he declared was one should never forget, was that which brought everything visible in the world into existence was that which was invisible.

Ok, with you so far.

That which is invisible (and the referent in v. 3) is the faith force!


My assumption, which could possibly be wrong, is that he reads this verse under the presumption of “decreeing faith” that is so essential to Word-Faith theology. I didn’t bother to listen further (probably should have) to hear this fleshed out, but my suspicion is I would have been equally disappointed.

Αυτω η δοξα,



17 thoughts on “Faith-Force

  1. Nick: Nor have I. When I was a new Christian I listened to him for a while just because there was not much else on. Thankfully, nothing he said stuck with me!

  2. Jason: He’s very well respected in the circles I travel. I used to watch TBN religiously when I was first saved but the more I studied the Bible the less I wanted to watch TBN. Go figure. 😐

  3. Nick: I know he has a huge following and wields a lot of influence in W-F. I watched TBN some a young believer, but eventually just lost interest in it. I still watch occasionally when they play older footage of Billy Graham preaching.

  4. Jason: when you drop by TBN, that’s the man you want to be listening to. An interesting, chap, I must say.

    His interpretations are typical of his kind. Incredible hermeneutical gymnastics!

    They would have you for a minute agreeing, but their particular would take over.

    Here’s the grind: for Dollar, it’s the $$$.

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