NLT Mosaic

I just got word that my review copy of the Mosaic NLT is on its way. Here’s the word on the Mosaic:

“Encounter Christ on every continent and in every century of Christian History. A new genre of Bible—a weekly meditation Bible—Holy Bible: Mosaic is an invitation to experience Christ both in His word and in the responses of his people. Each week, as you reflect on guided Scripture readings aligned with the church seasons, you will receive a wealth of insight from historical and contemporary writings. Full-color artwork will engage the soul; quotes, hymns, prayers, and poems enhance the rich devotional experience. Also includes a Dictionary/Concordance, NLT word study system with Hebrew/ Greek dictionary. A beautiful layout of art and devotional content, and an online community and content will extend the experience.”

One way Tyndale is promoting this bible is with a blog tour, and my stop is Monday, November 2. There will also be a contest for a chance to receive a free copy of the Mosaic NLT, so stay tuned. Joel will be the first stop on the tour and plans to provide a veritable NLT smorgasboard!

I really look forward to reading through this bible as I have come to enjoy the NLT much more than my first assesment of it many years ago.

Αυτω η δοξα,


9 thoughts on “NLT Mosaic

  1. Robert: I haven’t heard/read anything about the upcoming editions you mention, but that doesn’t mean much! I , too, look forward to any new editions of the NLT.

  2. Bitsy: Don’t be troubled. From what I’ve read, there will likely be several contests during the tour, presumably to give away copies of the Mosaic NLT. Don’t hold me to it, though! 😉

  3. I’m mad because I might have gotten in but I didn’t because I didn’t want a devotional Bible. Little did I know the devotional is weekly and it’s at the beginning of the Bible! I’d really like a hardcover NLT.

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