Criswell on Preaching

I was skimming through Criswell’s Guidebook for Pastors and came across this quote, which caught my attention because it expresses my exact sentiment when it comes to deciding what to preach.

“A remarkable thing happens when a pastor preaches through a book of the Bible. Too many preachers walk up and down their studies wringing their hands, crying: ‘What shall I preach? And where can I get the pertinent material I need for my listening saints?’

I also walk up and down my study, but my cry is altogether different. There is so much to preach, and so much God has said that I am afraid I am going to die before I have delivered the messages that I see in God’s book.” – p. 61

I often find myself struggling to decide which book to preach through, not because I don’t want to preach certain books, but because there is so much to choose from!

Αυτω η δοξα,



2 thoughts on “Criswell on Preaching”

  1. This is why a disciplined insistence on preaching through whole books of the Bible can avoid a lot of that kind of hand wringing…

    I do know what this quote means but it sure helps when I know all I need to do is focus on the next pericope or unit of thought in a passage or chapter in which ever book of the Bible I am in at the moment.

  2. Brian: You’re certainly right. There have been a few times when I had finished a series and was preparing for the next that I felt a bit anxious that lull between the two. I genuinely dislike just choosing a passage seemingly at random to preach (unless, of course, I feel so guided by the Spirit).

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