Another Milestone

A couple of months ago, I hit my first milestone since moving my blog to WordPress–1,000 hits. I said then that the next milestone would be the 5,000 mark. I noticed today that I indeed have eclipsed that mark! So, thanks to all who stop by and comment–I greatly appreciate it! Here’s to the next milestone–10,000 hits (or my first payout from the WTS links!)!

Αυτω η δοξα,



13 thoughts on “Another Milestone”

    1. Jason, if you do, I will hack your site and show you some brotherly love. 🙂

      BTW, finished the book – sections 2-4 a lot better than section 1. Will be posting tomorrow.

  1. Joel: I can envision West’s post: “Total Depravity: Envious Blogger Edition”! I wouldn’t worry too much about this blog encroaching on the blogging holy of holies–I’ll probably remain outside the tent for a while! 😛

    And, looking forward to your review!

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