Upcoming Revival

Every year at our church we host a fall revival. Last year we were fortunate enough to have one of my seminary profs and dear friend preach. This year we are equally fortunate to have Dr. Jason Meyer preaching. He is the professor of New Testament and Greek at Louisiana College, as well as Dean of the Chapel.

I’ve heard Dr. Meyer preach a number of times and not only is he a superb exegete, but also a man whose love for Christ and God’s Word is evident. He blogs at Conquered by Christ and has written a number of thoughtful posts at Café Apocalypsis. His book The End of the Law: Mosaic Covenant in Pauline Theology was recently published by Broadman & Holman and I am sure would be worth your investment. 😉

One of the reasons I so look forward to revival every year is somewhat selfish–I get to sit and listen to God’s word. As a pastor, I most enjoy preparing and proclaiming God’s word to my congregataion, but I like to sit and hear God’s word just as much, especially in a church. I have listened to numerous sermons online and they have been fruitful, but I prefer to be in a church when hearing a sermon.

So, there you have it. If you take the notion to pray for us concerning this, I simply want God to have his way with us, that his word would pierce our hearts and minds so that we live for him and his glory, no matter the cost.

Αυτω η δοξα,



7 thoughts on “Upcoming Revival”

  1. Jason: I’m flattered. I like how your pic is angled a little bit. Nice touch. You know what’s weird? I followed a link from my dashboard to another blog once and they had used my header image for their blog’s header. It was strange to look at my books on someone else’s blog!

  2. Nick: That would be strange indeed, though probably flattering!

    Bitsy: Thank you for praying! I am believing God will do great things, though the fruit may not be immediately manifest.

  3. Jason,

    Thank you for your kind words. I have heard many good things about your ministry and so I am looking forward to being mutually encouraged by one another’s faith. May the Lord be glorified in this gospel partnership.

    Jason Meyer

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