There are several bibles I’ve had in my sights lately, but the problem I always have when considering a bible to buy is not the translation, but the format. I used to be completely opposed to bibles that weren’t bound in leather, but have since come to appreciate a hardcover bible, especially for study.

The bibles I would like to purchase are:

I know the thoughts of many on the TNIV, so I’ll not inquire about it. Concerning the JPS Tanakh and ESV study bible, what are your thoughts? What about leather-bound vs. hardcover–what do you prefer?

Αυτω η δοξα,



7 thoughts on “Bibles”

  1. Ed: Though my “speaking” is limited to preaching every Sunday, I, too, have come to prefer hardbacks for that reason (among others). BTW–I received Putting Jesus in His Place the other day, but haven’t begun to read it. It’s nearby, though!

  2. Jason,

    If money is not an issue, I’d say the leather-bound ESV, I had both the hardcover and leatherbound that I received as gifts and gave the hardcover away.

    ESV is great, definitely true to its theological persuasions, some of its contributors/editors are: Wayne Grudem, JI Packer, Tom Schreiner, Andreas Kostenberger as well as a few profs from my own school.

  3. Mike: Thanks for stopping by! Money is always an issue, but I will mull it over a bit and buy one, though hardcovers are generally cheaper. Leather-bound sure is nice, though! 🙂

  4. The hardcover ESV is nice, real nice, and for as big as it is you won’t be carrying it around in any format. I have the faux leather JPS Tanakh and as a translation I like it. My problem with the particular copy that I have is that the margins aren’t wide enough and sometimes the words go right into the inner margins on the pages. I’ve not seen the hardcover but it can’t be worse than what I have. You might like to consider a hardcover Stone Edition Tanach published by Artscroll. The translation is decent, although influenced by Rabbinic tradition, but the notes are great and the binding is solid. And the TNIV I have is a wide margin hardcover edition. I love it. Plenty of room to take notes!

  5. Joel: Thanks–I’ll definitely look into it!

    Nick: Thanks for the advice. I will probably get all three in hardcover eventually, just because I tend to keep leather-bound bibles in the box, and that doesn’t work as well on shelves. I should be able to find a TNIV at a reasonable price, eh? 😉

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