Yesterday, I dropped in to one of our newer retail stores–Hastings. I’d never been in one before, but found it to be pretty much like all the other big-name stores that sell books, movies, and music. I went there to look for a bible and to try their coffee, which was delicious and comparable to Starbucks (I had an iced white chocolate mocha). While enjoying my coffee, I had to peruse the huge book section. Scanning the titles in the “Christian” section, I came across a number of books I wanted to purchase. However, looking at the price tags, I quickly reshelved them. It seems absurd to pay full price for books when Amazon and others offer them for much less. The only time I would do so is in the event I needed the book immediately, which is almost never.

The same goes for music. I found a few cds I have wanted to buy, but I was not going to pay those prices. Though digital music has greatly impacted the market, it seems cds are still rather high. I prefer cds because you can rip the songs into iTunes, but not vice-versa. But I just couldn’t shell out $14 for a cd.

Do you ever pay full-price for books or cds?

Αυτω η δοξα,



4 thoughts on “Retail”

  1. Nick: You can (I should have clarified). What I don’t like is you don’t have the cd cover and the real cd. These are minor things, but I like to have them. That’s why bootlegged stuff never appealed to me (movies)–I like to have the original packaging. Guess I’m just a dork that way! 🙂

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