Lamest Worship Ever

Internet Monk has posted a gem of a video on his blog. You simply must watch it, if you can bear it. It’s quite possibly the lamest excuse for “worship” I’ve seen to date. What swinging socks and hoe-downs have to do with revering and honoring Christ I have no idea. What’s more is the lemmings people there are sucked into this fit of goofiness like a subcompact in the vortex of an F5 tornado.

4 thoughts on “Lamest Worship Ever

  1. I understand that its hard to have these sort of discussions online, they are best discussed with someone whom you have a loving relationship with – someone you trust. However, that isn’t to say that I can’t ask you to think about stuff 🙂

    I’m a Christian, I love God a LOT. I do revere and honour God, but that isn’t to say that I mustn’t enjoy spending time with Him – that I must spend all my time with Him in silence or standing solemnly in front of my chair. He loves us, He wants us to enjoy being with Him – He wants us to encounter Him, be changed by Him, and through this – love Him more. I haven’t actually seen the video, as its been removed, but I feel that there is a place for extravant worship, that we have to be completely free of self-conciousness to take part in. Its an act of submissive worship just to go outside our comfort zone, lay our reputation and standing in the church down before God, and say all this is NOTHING compared to the greater glory of knowing You. David was a man after God’s own heart, and he loved God so much He danced infront of his whole kingdom to praise God – because he loved God more than he loved their “respect”. He would rather they saw him as a passionate lover of God than someone that was too proud to worship God all his heart heart and with all his soul and with all his mind and with all his strength. Right?

    Much love,

  2. If you listen to a song called Freedom (live) by Eddie James, in the middle he talks about why there are people on the stage running and jumping to praise God. Its very powerful.

    The song’s available on itunes, from the Onething Live – Holy to the Lord album.

  3. J Fin: I agree that praise is hardly confined to motionless singing or recitation of words, but I think spinning socks in the air and singing such a moronic chorus as “you spin me right round, Jesus, right round” is beyond worship. David’s dance often comes up as a proof of spontaneous and often “unorthodox” expressions of praise, but I think it’s a misuse of an isolated event at best. If my worship of the Heavenly Father is relegated to swinging a sock around in the air, I think I’ve missed the whole idea. My opinion, of course! Thanks for commenting.

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