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Just arrived: Speedy delivery edition

Upon my return home this weekend, I was pleased to find my copy of Introduction to the Psalms: A Song from Ancient Israel by Nancy L. Declaisse-Walford awaiting me in the mailbox. What’s more notable is the speed with which it arrived–I only requested it from the publisher on Wednesday! This volume was highly recommended, so I anticipate a good read–thanks, John!

Αυτω η δοξα,



9 thoughts on “Just arrived: Speedy delivery edition”

  1. Impressive! Chalice was quick for me, though, also.

    I do hope you will enjoy it. It is an introduction, yes, but I think the larger argument she is making is an important one.

    In a bit of trivia, deClaisse-Walford is actually a Baylor Ph.D. and wrote her dissertation under the same person I am writing mine under: Bill Bellinger. She is also, along with two others, writing the Psalms commentary for the NICOT series.

  2. Jason:

    That’s all I know off the top of my head. My teacher, Bill Bellinger, likely knows more.

    Another bit of trivia: in my paper delivered in the Psalms section at SBL last year in Boston I cited this volume by deClaisse-Walford, calling it the most satisfactory treatment we have of the canonical shape of the Psalter. The cool thing about that . . . . she was in the audience.

  3. Jason, I’ll likely be able to speak with her at SBL in New Orleans. Dr. Bellinger usually gets together with his current and former dissertation folk, which she and I both are.

  4. John: Super. Though I’m not a part of the scholarly crowd yet, I always enjoy meeting those whom I read. Perhaps once I get started with PhD work I’ll consider becoming a part of the various scholarly organizations. I am a member of the ETS, but I would like to branch out a bit to more focused groups.

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