Good substitute

I have long been experimenting with iced coffee recipes, trying to find one that was closest to what I buy at Starbucks or local coffee shops. Only one recipe have I concocted that was close and I couldn’t repeat it for the life of me! I have come to discover that the secret, as far as my palette is concerned, is using espresso instead of regular brewed coffee.

I don’t have an espresso machine (yet!), so I had to find a substitute. Strolling the grocery store aisles recently I thought I would try a substitute for espresso, and I found one that is as close as I have come thus far. I had thought many times about buying a whole bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast, but that would be a lot of waste if I didn’t like it. So I bought a few ounces of Community Coffee’s Espresso Roast Whole Bean to try. I brewed some this morning and mixed it with my usual coffee additives (sugar, milk, and chocolate syrup) and I am very pleased with the taste. I will have to adjust the next time around, but I am more pleased with this than anything so far. Now, I just have to get some whipped cream to put on top and I’ll be set!

Αυτω η δοξα,



10 thoughts on “Good substitute”

  1. That would be espresso,
    Spelling Police

    Espresso beans are basically just a blend formulated for espresso and roasted darker. It won’t really replicate espresso brewed from an espresso machine. But most iced coffee isn’t made with espresso anyway. But if you like what you made, that’s the only thing that matters.

    Here are a couple of links:

  2. Jeff: Thank you, officer! 😉 Don’t know why, but I have never noticed the spelling (and I’m one who is peeved by misspelling!). Given my experiment with the espresso roast today, I would agree that it doesn’t match the taste of espresso from a machine, but it will suffice until I can purchase my own.

    Perhaps I should have clarified–most of the iced coffee drinks I buy are made with espresso (mochas being my most regular purchase). Regular iced coffee has a different taste, which I don’t prefer. Thanks for the links!

  3. Yeah, mochas would make sense being made with espresso.
    I used to do espresso but with my inexpensive machine, I had to do everything just right and all the stars had to be aligned to get a good shot. We can’t afford a good one. Although if I made milk drinks it probably wouldn’t matter much. I really like regular coffee which I roast at home so I stick with that.

    How about a mocha pot?

  4. I suppose a mocha pot would be a wise choice–never considered it before! I really wanted an espresso machine, but they can be rather expensive. Perhaps someday. Do you find your coffee to be better that roast your own beans?

  5. Do you find your coffee to be better that roast your own beans?

    It’s like the difference between a $4 bottle of wine and $20+. Not because I’m a good roaster, although I take it seriously, am always experimenting etc. but because I can literally buy the best beans in the world and roast them to the level where they taste the best, instead of burning them like Starbucks does. Then they get drunk within the 2 week period that they’re fresh after being roasted.

    I buy from Sweet Maria’s which is probably the best online bean seller for home roasters and I’m also part of a co-op and we’ve found some really great ones.

    And it costs less to roast your own too.

    Every afternoon I have a great cup of coffee, comparable to a top notch glass of wine while I review memorized Scripture. A nice part of the day.

    I used to have a mocha pot and could never get it to brew to my satisfaction. I had a very small one and a larger one might be better. Otherwise a darker roast like what you have might be an advantage in a milk based drink so that it “cuts through” the milk.

  6. I didn’t realize Starbucks burned the beans! 😉 I don’t what I’m going to do in the future. Part of me doesn’t want to go through the hassle of doing everything myself when I can buy everything already prepared. But, doing things yourself can give you plenty of room to experiment.

  7. And why not Nescafe Classic? (I’ve been drinking it for decades, but am still not sure about the spelling. Just ran out of packages, so I can’t check)

  8. W: I’ve never tried that particular product, but all of the instant coffee drinks like that I don’t like. They don’t taste enough like espresso.

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