Just arrived: WTS edition

I received my copy of Baptism: Three Views today from the Westminster Bookstore. Even though I took advantage of the fabulous discount, I wasn’t as excited about this delivery. I think it was because I had to pay for shipping. However, I will say that the folks packaging up there know what they’re doing. The book was cellophane-bound to a piece of cardboard, ensuring that it would not be bouncing around in the box while en route. The book was perfectly straight (humidity in these parts can wreak havoc on books!) and perfectly protected. So, in spite of paying for shipping, at least I know I got my money’s worth!

Αυτω η δοξα,



3 thoughts on “Just arrived: WTS edition

  1. I’m glad they know how to pack a book! I’m getting more and more that are dinged when they get here. So sad to pull out a brand new book and have it look like no one cared about it until I got it.

  2. Bitsy: It’s a peeve of mine to receive books in the mail that are not pristine. I understand there is a great likelihood of minor damage in transit, but sometimes those packing take no time or care to properly pack a book!

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