Whose church?

My sermon series through 1 Corinthians has been a very beneficial one for me for various reasons, not the least of which concerns my role as pastor. I wanted to share the following quote from Fee:

“All too often those ‘in charge,’ be they clergy, boards, vestry, sessions, or what have you, tend to think of the church as ‘theirs.’ They pay lip-service to it being ‘Christ’s church, after all,’ then proceed to operate on the basis of very pagan, secular structures, and regularly speak of ‘my’ or ‘our’ church. Nor does the church belong to the people, especially those who have ‘attended all their lives,’ or who have ‘supported it with great sums of money,’ as though that gave them special privileges. The church belongs to Christ, and all other things–structures, attitudes, decisions, nature of ministry, everything–should flow out of that singular realization.” – 1 Corinthians, NICNT, 135

I imagine a few feathers may be ruffled should that be read aloud in any congregation. Hmmmm…perhaps I shall incorporate this quote into the sermon!

Αυτω η δοξα,


9 thoughts on “Whose church?”

  1. I have personally tried to never say “my” church when referring to our congregation here ( I am in my study at present). On the odd occasion i use it by mistake when referring to the church.

    I love FEE! He is what I would deem a ‘true’ Pente.

    Jason, if you like this quote you should read Eugene Peterson’s Under the Unpredictable Plant!

  2. TC: Yes, I did, and I got the usual response (silent stares), though I am sure some had some thoughts about it!

    Polycarp: Yes, me too!

    Mark: It’s good practice. I say when talking to people in general, but only because that’s the way identify where I’m talking about. I could say the name every time, but that gets too long. Yes, Fee is the man! And, I have not read anything from Peterson since The Contemplative Pastor.

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