Doctrine & Theology

Out of the mouths of babes: Second Coming Edition

I was driving home this afternoon with my daughter in the backseat, and I don’t exactly recall what prompted the question, but she asked something about Jesus. The following discussion ensued (though somewhat modified–I don’t remember the precise wording).

Leah: “Daddy, where is Jesus right now?”

Me: “He’s in heaven with God.”

Leah: “But I don’t see him. Where is heaven?”

Me: “Heaven is far away from us, so we can’t see Jesus right now. But one day he will come back to earth.”

Leah: “God and Jesus will come to earth?”

Me: “Yes, Jesus will come back to earth and make everything new.”

Leah: “But how will he get here? Who will help him fly to earth?”

Me: “He won’t need any help; he will just come down to earth.”

Leah: “He won’t need any help to fly? But how will he get here?”

Me: “He will just come down to earth. He doesn’t need any help to get here.”

Leah: “But won’t he need an astronaut suit?”

Me: (audible laugh) “No, he won’t need any suit to come back to earth.”

We continued to “dialogue” about Jesus making all things new, about finally getting to see Jesus, and about how God does not have a body (yeah, you should have seen the look that comment drew–priceless!). Though our conversations about God and Jesus are quite humorous, there is a tremendous sense of responsibility that is inherent in how I discuss these things. Not only am I trying to satisfy the questions of a young mind, but I am, as an instrument in God’s hands, molding and shaping a young heart and mind, preparing her for the day when she will be aware of the sin that alienates us from God and the redemption that is offered in Christ.

What tremendous joy and responsibility they are, and there is no inquiry like that of a young mind.

Αυτω η δοξα,



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