Forthcoming Title by John Walton

I KNOW that I read recently that John Walton has a book coming out sometime in the next year, but for the life of me, I can’t find any information on it. I have searched various publishers’ web sites, but can not find anything. Am I nuts or can someone point me to the info?

Αυτω η δοξα,



9 thoughts on “Forthcoming Title by John Walton”

  1. Genesis One as Ancient Cosmology by Eisenbrauns.

    I was actually looking for the title earlier today, so you’re in luck!

  2. Nick: Yes, the book I had in mind is the one mentioned by Andrew, but the posts I’ve read from ZIBBC were quite good. It may be a series to consider somewhere down the road.

    Andrew: Thank you! Oddly enough, Eisenbrauns is probably the one site I didn’t check–that’s about right! I finished Walton earlier today and will hopefully post my review tonight or tomorrow. My review will not be as detailed as yours, so I’d planned to link yours.

  3. I’m looking forward to the book Andrew mentioned. I believe it’s supposed to be a more academic oriented oriented version of his recent one. I wish he would have done an academic commentary on Genesis in addition to his NIVAC commentary. So many of his views in it are really fascinating but unfortunately because of the commentary series there is less of a chance that they will catch on and be taken seriously (either by people adopting them or challenging them). Maybe some day.

    Bryan L

    1. I think you’re right and I anticipate it, too. I know most people probably furl their brow at the mention of the NIVAC, but I really like Walton’s volume. I, too, wish he would write a technical commentary on Genesis to flesh out other parts of Genesis beyond what he did in NIVAC.

  4. Jason,

    Yes; the academic defense of what John says in Lost World will be published by Eisenbrauns. It is not far enough along yet to put up on our website, but should be soon.


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