The Honest Scrap Award

I have been tagged with the Honest Scrap Award by Polycarp and Bryan (I’m wondering if this is some sort of play on words–“Honest Crap”?). The way it works is simple: write 10 honest things about yourself and choose 7 bloggers to do likewise.

  1. I am quite particular about my books. It seriously perturbs me when the pages are creased, corners are crinkled, when the binding separates from the book, etc. And I never, EVER write in my books!
  2. My favorite style of music is hard rock/metal, i.e. August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Becoming the Archetype, Underoath, and many others.
  3. I learned how to play drums by watching 80s metal bands on MTV when I was in elementary school.
  4. I have one tattoo and wish I did not have it.
  5. Seinfeld is my all-time favorite show and have seen every episode at least 4-5 times, some of them probably as many as 20 times.
  6. Beer is disgusting, cigarettes stink, and cursing is lame. What’s the appeal again? I will admit, however, that pipe tobacco smells good.
  7. Regardless of what Nick and Bryan say, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the funniest movie I have ever seen! 😉
  8. I love my Blackberry.
  9. I always dread preaching on “special days,” i.e. Independence Day, Father’s/Mother’s Day, etc.
  10. I drink my coffee with plenty of sugar, cream, and syrup. Keep your black bitterness–give me an iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks any day!

I have seen a few bloggers who I considered tagging with this have already been tagged, so I’ll forego passing it on. Enjoy!

Αυτω η δοξα,



12 thoughts on “The Honest Scrap Award”

  1. Syrup in coffee? I just don’t drink the stuff, and if I absolutely have to then I use plenty of sugar. Milk/creme is optional.

    I wish I didn’t have my tattoo either. If it was better I wouldn’t mind it so much but it pretty much sucks!

    I’m a big Seinfeld fan as well. I also love Curb Your Enthusiasm (don’t know if you’ve seen it).

  2. Jason, you have blasphemed all that is holy and sacred about coffee. Starbucks Coffee? Starbucks Coffee!

    At least you got Seinfield right.

  3. TC: So I’ve been told! I used to ride motorcycles with a bunch of guys in my church and community and they would tease me about drinking “girly coffee”!

    Nick: Chocolate or caramel syrup to be exact. Those syrups at coffee shops aren’t as good–I like the heavy stuff!
    My tattoo is good (small and out of sight), but I was 10 years younger then and my views on things like that have changed a bit.
    Seinfeld is the best. I have not seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, though I am sure with Larry David at the helm it was hilarious.

    Joel: If it’s any consolation, I love CC’s coffee concoctions, too! Have you ever had Mello Joy? I bought some recently but haven’t brewed any yet. It became pretty popular the last little while we lived in New Orleans.

  4. #6 – You just haven’t tasted the right beers and there are times and places for a curse word or two.

    #7 – How sad ; )

    #8 – What is so good about Blackberrys? I can see why iPhones are awesome but not so much Blackberrys.

    #9 I was at a Methodist church on Fathers day and tey didn’t even preach a Father’s Day sermon. It was quite a relief. Yoiu heard one you heard ’em all.

    Interesting list.

    Bryan L

    1. Beer: Admittedly, it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve had any alcohol, so perhaps there are beers that are decent now. I also confess that Samuel Adams commercials have come the closest to tempting me to have a taste, but I’d hate to break such a good streak!

      Blackberry: As I mentioned on your blog, I wanted an iPhone, but decided against it. I may still get one someday. I like my Blackberry because it does everything I need it to do.

      Special Day sermons: I may try to skip out on them altogether next year!

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