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Book Giveaway

As I mentioned here (or you could just read below this post!), I received an extra copy of Russell Prejeant’s Encounter with the New Testament: An Interdisciplinary Approach from Fortress Press. After much intense reflection on the matter, I have decided to have my first book giveaway!

There are three things to do in order to be entered into the drawing:

  1. Mention the giveaway on your blog,
  2. Comment on this post with the link to your post announcing the giveaway,
  3. Commit to review the book at your leisure.

I only ask that you review the book because it did not come at my expense, but because the folks at Fortress were kind enough to send my requests. It just so happened that an extra copy found its way into the shipment.

That’s it! I’ll probably run the giveaway until the end of the month, unless I see the entrants taper off, at which point I’ll end it. Good luck (of course, I don’t believe in “luck”–it’s just customary to say it!).

Αυτω η δοξα,



20 thoughts on “Book Giveaway”

    1. What’s one more? 😉 I’ve got 15 now to read and review with one more confirmed to be on its way! What’s more is I have probably at least that many more requested for which I’ve not received word about. I should have two reviews posted this week, so that will help!

    1. I understand your plight. Are your reads heavy? As I mentioned above, the two I am plodding through right now combine for a total of 900+ pages! No rest for the weary!

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