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Mormons and the Bible

I have long been convinced that the LDS church is, at best, a perversion of orthodox Christianity; at worst, a deceptive and manipulative instrument of Satan.

Amid all the clamor of the LDS church to present itself as a “Christian” church, consider this quote from LDS scholar Robert Millet:

“We love the Bible and cherish its messages. But the Bible is not the source of our doctrine or authority, nor is much to be gained through trying to ‘prove’ the truthfulness of the restored gospel [i.e., Mormonism] from the Bible. Ours is an independent revelation.” – quoted in The Mormon Mirage: A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today by Latayne C. Scott, pp. 103-04.

Αυτω η δοξα,



1 thought on “Mormons and the Bible”

  1. How do you define “Christian?”

    That is better placed first before you consider a group of people who follow the teschings of Jesus Christ, in a segment like: “deceptive and manipulative instrument of Satan…” or a preversion of anything.

    One statment from a mamber of a group (having no more authority to speak for the entire goup) is not enough for you to make such harsh judgments. Where has your church gone wrong?
    Maybe you should re-read the Bible… Focus on the part that Jesus tells us to consider the beam in our own eye before trying to remove a mote from our neighbor’s.

    I guess you are not to be blamed for this as it is a common theme in the cult of Christianity.

    God bless,

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