The BCS and the Championship Game

What do I think of the BCS? I think it’s a sham and a joke, but certainly a cash cow, which is why it is not likely to go anywhere any time soon. After all, money is the controlling factor in the world of American football, both collegiate and professional. That’s why coaches don’t boot criminals off the squad. If the criminal is a good player, well he just has to play because key players generally help the team to win and winning is the most important thing. Why? Obviously because winning insures $$$.

There’s also the issue of not letting the game decide who the real champion is. Whoever wins the stupid game should be the champion, but the BCS leaves open the possibility for co-champions. Take this year’s championship for example. The pitiful tigers put up what surely has to be the worst performance at least in BCS history, if not all time. What a dismal showing! To think of awarding them a share of the title would be ludicrous, ridiculous, and downright shameful. Who cares if they went undefeated in the regular season and won the conference–they stunk and got drubbed in the game that mattered!

There was chatter of some AP voters still casting the now-embarrassed tigers as #1, but surely their brains have been shaken free of the cobwebs after last night’s beating. Gene Wojciechowski from ESPN says,

To those LSU followers who think they got short-sheeted by the BCS …

To those Oklahoma State honks who insist their team belonged here Monday night …

To those Associated Press voters who said they would keep LSU atop their ballots even if the Tigers lost to Alabama …

To all of them I say, ‘Are you nuts?’

(read the rest here)

*UPDATE* Alabama voted #1 in polls–outright champs, as they should be.

Speaking of last night’s game, did you see Alabama handle the little kittens so ably? Sure Alabama only scored one touchdown, but that’s one more than ls-poo scored in both meetings this year. The stats say it all, so here is a reminder of last night’s performance.

Those who know me know my feelings towards the putrid purple and yellow (it’s not gold, ok?), so it will be no surprise that this was a picture perfect game for me! And to think I seriously considered not even watching it! The only thing that would have made it better is if Alabama had scored a few more touchdowns! The kitties were nothing short of awful and that’s just the way I like it. The BCS and LSU–two entities that could fade into oblivion and I wouldn’t miss either.

Ok, I’m done.

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Super Bowl Thoughts

Pretty simple, really:

  1. Glad Green Bay sent the Steelers packing (pun intended!).
  2. The commercials, with a couple of exceptions, were incredibly lame.  Some were not meant to be funny, but those that were largely failed.
  3. I left the room when Christina Gag-me-luera began to sing, and I heard later that she bungled the national anthem.  What a dolt.
  4. I only saw the last few minutes of the Black Eyed Fleas and I can say that I am glad that’s all I saw.
  5. I think the turf at Cowboys Stadium was given a healthy dose of grease before the game–did you see how many players slipped throughout the game?
  6. The refs made some terrible calls, but thankfully, the Packers managed to overcome.
  7. Speaking of overcoming, the Packers were fortunate to have the early lead they did because they dropped a number of perfect passes that would have resulted in big plays.

Well, I guess that’s about it.

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Saints License Plates

Louisianians now have the opportunity to bid on custom license plates emblazoned with the fleur-de-lis and Saints Super Bowl championship logo. All the proceeds go to Operation Homefront Louisiana, which provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of the service members and wounded warriors in Louisiana.

Being in Texas, obviously I can’t have one *sniffle*.  However, I think I might pitch the idea to the legislatures and appropriate governing bodies that these be offered.

I wonder if they’ll go for it… :-)

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Saints Win!!!

I’m not one to gloat, but I, along with all the “Who Dat Nation”, am reveling in the joy of the Saints’ Super Bowl win–it’s been a long time comin’!!! For the sake of brevity and time, I’ll not go on about how truly incredible this game was for Saints’ fans, but suffice it to say, the “Who Dat Nation” is rockin’ tonight!

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The play of the game for me was Tracy Porter’s interception return for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. In case you missed it, or just can’t watch it too many times, check it out!

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The Soul of New Orleans

I was born and raised in Louisiana and have been a Saints fan for as long as I can remember. I had done nothing more than vacation in New Orleans before my wife and I moved there in 2001. We lived there for 3 years and we just loved it! Though I was not a native and don’t consider myself a New Orleanean, there is something about that city that pulled us in during our brief residence there. Anyway, I happened upon this very nice report by Wright Thompson at ESPN. I was even more pleased to see it had made its way to YouTube. Even if you’re not a Saints fan or a native of the Crescent City, watch this report and see why it is such a wonderful place.

Oh, and, GO SAINTS!!!!!

The Soul of New Orleans

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When the Saints…

…go marchin’ in! Don’t you just want to sing and bask in the Saints’ NFC Championship?!? Though it’s true that the Vikings did nothing to help themselves, we must give the Saints their due–they did what what was necessary when it was necessary!

This should be a great Super Bowl. Everyone knows that the Colts have a super offense and capable defense. Everyone should know that the Saints have quite a roster themselves. In the end, it will likely be a shoot-out, with the Saints winning in the end, probably much like their win over the Vikings (minus the turnovers).

My prediction:

Saints 37

Colts 34


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I haven’t had much time to post anything of substance lately, so I thought I’d post about the NFC Championship between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints:

Saints by 7! I would love there to be another blowout administered by the Saints like what they handed the Cardinals, but the Vikings are clearly better than Arizona. Nevertheless, I think it’s the Saints’ year and predict they will not only beat Minnesota, but will also win the Super Bowl!

If you’ve stopped by Jeremy’s blog, you’ve seen that he’s made the same bold prediction for the NFC Championship. He’s even discovered biblical evidence for the Saints’ victory!

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We Saints fans probably would never have dreamed that the boys in black and gold would ever have such a record. But I think that after tonight’s win victory triumph total dismantling of the mighty Patriots, the Saints deserve respect. We’ve had a few decent years in the last decade, but nothing like this. I think it is safe to say that this is perhaps the best Saints team ever assembled and I think they stand a good chance at making it to the Super Bowl.

I don’t know that they’ll finish the season undefeated. The Falcons and Cowboys (despite their records) will likely put up a fight, but the rest of the schedule should be a breeze “Brees” (pun totally intended!). Undefeated or not, what matters is what happens in the playoffs. The Vikings are rolling and I think a match-up between them and the Saints would be quite the showdown. I think it would be cool, though, to see the Colts and Saints make it to the big game undefeated, with the Saints coming out on top (of course!).

Whatever happens, wherever they finish, New Orleans Saints fans have had quite a ride so far and we hope it ends in Miami with the boys from the Big Easy holding the Lombardi trophy aloft in victory!

Hey, I can dream, can’t I? :-)


Αυτω η δοξα,