If universalism is true, then do we really need churches? If they’re all saved in the end, why not indulge every inclination of the flesh here and now and just wait for the glory train to take you home? Why worry with the pursuit of righteousness and holiness if at the end of your life God will just wrap you in warm fuzzy blanket of love and overlook your life of debauchery?

Seems like there’s a major obstacle to all of this–the Scriptures.

Αυτω η δοξα

Quotation Marks

One of the monographs I’ve been reading as part of my research for this semester is by Wojech Szypuła, entitled The Holy Spirit in the Eschatological Tension of Christian Life: An Exegetico-Theological Study of 2 Corinthians 5, 1-5 and Romans 8, 18-27. It was published in Rome by Gregorian University Press. There was something quite strange, though, I encountered in this work: a way of quoting I had not seen prior. Instead of using traditional quotation marks (“”), he uses double arrows. Here is a quote to illustrate:

One cannot speak about the salvation of humankind without Christ because <<in Jesus [and only in Jesus, cf. Acts 4, 12], God recapitulates all of his history of salvation on behalf of men>>.

Is this a stylistic preference or maybe a regional thing? It was odd to me so I thought I’d see if anyone knew if this was common practice elsewhere or one of the author’s idiosyncrasies.

Αυτω η δοξα

Important Things Go in a Case!

Today is my birthday and my wife got me something I’ve desperately needed–a case for my iPhone! I’ve had a protective cover for a while, but I hated it–it did not fit quite right and would come off half the time I took it out of my pocket. But no more! Thanks to my jewel of a wife, I have an Otterbox Defender for my phone!

This case is great! It fits like a glove and will keep it safe in most situations (save for being run over by a car)!

And, as George Costanza reminds us, important things go in a case!

Melissa also got me a charcoal grill!!!! I know, I’m 34 years old now and am just now getting one. I never had one before because I had nowhere to put it, but now with a decent patio, I have a place to put one. So, I’ll be looking up good grilling recipes and giving it a whirl!

Αυτω η δοξα,